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Our Story

This is Abby, Registered Dietitian. 

She is now your personal Chef-ititian, which, of course, is what you get when you combine a Chef and a Dietitian. Abby has a Masters in Nutrition and years of practice as a dietitian working with active individuals. She’s also a HUGE foodie. When she’s not seeing patients, Abby is hard at work designing meals for you that fit her rigorous health AND taste standards. She draws from both global cuisines and seasonal, local vegetables. Let Abby cook for you.

Here is some of her criteria:

  • Veggies AND macros. At least 2 servings of fresh vegetables, and a balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.
  • Plant-based options. At least one plant-based option each week.
  • Gluten and dairy free. Food allergies? No problem.
  • Constantly changing menu. You’ll never be bored.

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Send someone a Gift Card

The EVOLVE Eats Difference:

EVOLVE Eats offers delicious, nutritious, fully prepped weekly meals that support a healthy, busy lifestyle, crafted for you by our Registered Dietitian. Never scramble for a great, healthy meal again.

Unlike other meal prep companies, we don’t push restrictive fad diets, and we don’t serve up generic, bland options like “chicken, rice, and broccoli.” We create fully prepped meals inspired by both seasonal produce and global cuisines. Don’t let the diet culture industry fool you: it’s possible to eat meals that are both nutritious AND delicious.

EVOLVE Eats grew as a natural extension of our work at EVOLVE Flagstaff. After working for years to help maximize the active lifestyle of our clients through nutrition counseling, fitness, and physical therapy, we realized that quick, healthy meals are a huge barrier for most of our clients. This is why we created EVOLVE Eats as an answer to the problems you face while trying to live an active and healthy life:

Getting bored with the same meals

Scrambling for lunch or dinner

Settling for fast food or skipping meals

“Healthy” food that tastes bland

Confusion about what to eat

Difficulty making sustainable food choices